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Biologics have replaced chemical therapies as the predominant branded pharmaceuticals over the last decade, with ever-more targeted products providing benefits of improved efficacy and safety. Today, the biopharmaceutical industry is entering a new era as our understanding of disease pathology improves, resulting in proliferation of novel therapeutic modalities including gene therapy, RNAi, CAR-T therapy and DNA vaccines – each of which is designed to target disease progression at the most fundamental level – our genetic code. Commercialisation of such therapies increasingly drives demand for DNA manufacture – a process that at present depends upon a lengthy and inefficient process of bacterial fermentation which is inadequate to meet future demand.


Touchlight Genetics has developed an entirely enzymatic process of DNA synthesis that is fast, efficient and has a yield that can easily meet growing demand for DNA. Furthermore, our dbDNA™ expression cassettes eliminate the need for bacterial sequences and antibiotic resistance genes in the production of biological therapies, satisfying stated concerns from the industry’s main regulatory bodies – the FDA and EMA. Our technology thus promises to provide a near-term manufacturing solution to a key bottleneck in the production of innovative therapies.


Our dbDNA™ also has many important unique properties (encoding of multiple expression cassettes, large or “difficult” genes, among others) that have enabled us to explore in-house programmes to develop differentiated, next generation therapeutics. To date, we have demonstrated that dbDNA™ vaccines provide protection from, and treatment of, infectious disease and cancer in pre-clinical models. Additionally, we continue to explore applications for dbDNA™ across a broad range of therapeutic and non-therapeutic areas, including gene therapy, cell therapy, RNAi and industrial biomaterials.


Please see our Process Animation for a demonstration of how our unique platform technology operates.